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SMACNA Subscriptions
SMACNA Online Supervisor Safety Course 

This program is a series of webinars targeted towards supervisors, foreman, office managers, and project managers who have (or should have) responsibility for implementing and managing company safety and health programs. 

Eight webinars will be presented in 2013.  The webinars will be 60 minutes including 10-15 minutes of "Q&A" and will be provided by a combination of SMACNA Safety and Health Committee members, the SMACNA Director of Safety and Health Department, and subject matter experts. 

The sessions are being offered as a "selection bundle."  That is, a SMACNA member can sign up for all eight webinars, a select five webinars or a select three webinars based on the intended audience the member wants to train. The packages will include "tokens" that registrants will be able to apply to any of the eight webinars in the series.
Pricing discounts are offered for the bundle selections, as follows:

•    Click here to purchase all 8 webinars for the cost of $650 (a savings of $110)
•    Click here to purchase 5 of the 8 webinars for the cost of $400 (a savings of $75)
•    Click here to purchase 3 of the 8 webinars  for the cost of $250 (a savings of $35)

If you'd like to register for the programs individually at a cost of $95 per webinar, scroll down to the 'Upcoming Webinars' section below.

Upcoming Live Webcasts
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Archived Webinars

Date Available
2014 Financial Survey Overview Jun 05, 2014
Sheet Metal Industry Health Hazards Nov 21, 2013
OSHA - What Supervisors Need to Know Oct 31, 2013
Construction Site Safety and Health Hazards Sep 26, 2013
Kick-Off Meetings with Impact Aug 28, 2013
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Jul 29, 2013
Fall Protection II - Advanced Issues and Personal Fall Prevention / Arrest Equipment Jun 27, 2013
Fall Protection I - Basics and Common Equipment/Issues such as Ladders, Floor Holes and Skylights May 23, 2013
Safety Pre-planning and the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Process Apr 25, 2013
OSHA Recordkeeping and OSHA Incidence Rates Mar 28, 2013
Contractor Compensation and Rewards Overview Feb 15, 2013
SMACNA'S 2012 Webinar Package Jan 28, 2013
SMACNA BIM Webinar Series Jan 23, 2013
Safety and Health Webinar will Provide Required Hazard Communication Training Dec 12, 2012
The Long Road to Recovery Nov 29, 2012
Improving Project Productivity - Communication is the Key Sep 13, 2012
A Three Part Webinar Series: Advanced BIM Jun 27, 2012
A Two Part Webinar Series: The Real Costs of Running a Sheet Metal Business Jun 01, 2012
CLRC Employment Share Study: What the Numbers Really Mean May 31, 2012
Missing a Piece of Your HVAC Puzzle? Differentiate Your HVAC Service Offerings with Energy Assessments! Mar 15, 2012
SMACNA'S 2011 Webinar Package Dec 15, 2011
Training Supervisors to be Safety Coaches Dec 14, 2011
Time Management: Turning Today's Rat Race into a Productive Workplace Nov 02, 2011
Take Control of Your Financial Health Sep 30, 2011
Everything You Need to Know Before an NJAB Appearance Aug 17, 2011
Electric Arc Flash Protection and NFPA 70E Jul 20, 2011
Specialty Addendums and Market Recovery Under SFUA Article X, Section 10 May 24, 2011
Health Care Reform - What Bargainers and Trustees Need to Know Before Negotiating a New CBA Apr 05, 2011
Surviving the Recession, Managing Through Uncertainty Mar 25, 2011
Collective Bargaining in Hard Times Mar 23, 2011
NEMI presents: HVAC Fire Life Safety Certification webinar Jan 26, 2011
Exit and Succession Strategies for HVAC/Sheet Metal Contractors Jan 20, 2011
Mentoring and Coaching Practices: Developing the Next Generation Dec 09, 2010
Understanding OSHA's New Crane and Derrick Standard Nov 17, 2010
LEED Version 3 Oct 28, 2010
Lean Works in the Service Contracting World Sep 02, 2010
HVAC Understanding the Basics V - HVAC System Control Jun 24, 2010
HVAC Understanding the Basics IV - HVAC Systems: Hydronic & Air Distribution Systems Jun 17, 2010
HVAC Understanding the Basics III - HVAC Systems: Central Plant Equipment Jun 11, 2010
HVAC DCS - 3 Webinar Series May 20, 2010
HVAC DCS 103 Round and Oval Duct, Hangers, and Casing Construction May 20, 2010
HVAC DC S 102 Rectangular Duct Tie Rods, New Tables (TDC/TDF), and Rectangular Duct Over 120' May 06, 2010
The Before and After of Workplace Injury - Safety Best Practices Webinar Apr 29, 2010
HVAC DCS 101 - Rectangular Duct External Reinforcement Apr 21, 2010
Collective Bargaining - Making It Work For You Apr 02, 2010
SMACNA Fire, Smoke & Radiation Damper Feb 25, 2010
SMACNA Seismic Restraint Manual - Webinar Jan 13, 2010
SMACNA Reference Manual for Labor Units Dec 15, 2009
HVAC Air Duct Leakage Dec 02, 2009
Performance and Accountability To Increase Market Share And Profits Nov 19, 2009
How to Prepare For OSHA Inspections Aug 20, 2009
HVAC Duct Construction Standards May 20, 2009
SMACNA Webinar to Address Member Inquiries on Multi-Employer Pension Plans, including the NPF May 18, 2009
Weathering the Storm: Strategies for Navigating a Turbulent Market Apr 23, 2009
Collective Bargaining During Tough Economic Times Mar 25, 2009
Building Information Modeling - The Key to Unlocking Your Future Feb 17, 2009
The SMWIA's New Code of Excellence: What ALL Contractors Need to Know Jan 22, 2009